Montessori At Home

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about how to “do” Montessori at home and some credible resources for Montessori philosophy or products to buy for the home. So here we go!

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Littles and Leashes

From birth, the child is desperately learning how to master control over their own movements. An inner power drives them and encourages them to move–their head, their hands, their legs, their fingers, etc. Through movement the child may begin to explore themselves and the world around them. Without movement, we would be locked away from much of the world and unable to independently experience many things. It is the responsibility of the adults in the child’s life to prepare an environment where the child may safely practice their developing mobility.  Continue reading

Consent 101: No Means No, Putting an End to Rape Culture

We have this expectation in our society that it is the individuals responsibility to create boundaries of what is acceptable interaction and if someone should break those boundaries, well, they should have drawn them clearer! I’m sure each and every one of us has heard the phrase “No Means No” before, but when contemplating the concept in execution we’re faced with a reality that “No” only means “NO” when it’s said with a bitchy tone, threat, repeated over and over, or after someone has already tested every other inch of that boundary line. Gosh,what’s a good way to sum that up? Ah, rape culture.  Continue reading