Breastfeeding: How Old Is “Too Old”?

I am continuously shocked at how the concept of breastfeeding is such a controversial topic. So I’m here to help separate the feelings from fact.  Continue reading


Developing Your Child’s Relationship with Food

Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy and successful life. This education begins at a very young age. Plethora of research is available clarifying the importance of an organic, sugar free, unprocessed diet to achieve better academic and professional success. It is for this purpose that families should serve nutritionally minded food. Menus should vary depending on seasons and local availability. The younger a child is exposed to various kinds of food, the more adventurous and accepting their palate will be. Continue reading

“Breast Is Best”: Finding Fact or Finding Offense?

While scrolling through my personal Facebook feed this morning, a question popped up on a breastfeeding group  and I found myself drawn to it. Unfortunately, just as I finished typing my response one of the admins turned off commenting! The more I thought about the whole thing the more I just couldn’t let it go. So I’m sorry/congratulations. I’m sharing my thoughts here.  Continue reading