Body-Positive Language And The Self-Explorer

It’s really challenging to change the way we think about our bodies–especially since as adults we’re coming from a matured sexual perspective. The language we provide sets a precedent and perception on how we see ourselves, how the world sees us, and how we should feel about that.  Continue reading


Consent 101: No Means No, Putting an End to Rape Culture

We have this expectation in our society that it is the individuals responsibility to create boundaries of what is acceptable interaction and if someone should break those boundaries, well, they should have drawn them clearer! I’m sure each and every one of us has heard the phrase “No Means No” before, but when contemplating the concept in execution we’re faced with a reality that “No” only means “NO” when it’s said with a bitchy tone, threat, repeated over and over, or after someone has already tested every other inch of that boundary line. Gosh,what’s a good way to sum that up? Ah, rape culture.  Continue reading

Developing Your Child’s Relationship with Food

Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy and successful life. This education begins at a very young age. Plethora of research is available clarifying the importance of an organic, sugar free, unprocessed diet to achieve better academic and professional success. It is for this purpose that families should serve nutritionally minded food. Menus should vary depending on seasons and local availability. The younger a child is exposed to various kinds of food, the more adventurous and accepting their palate will be. Continue reading