The Weaning Table & Chair

The purpose of the weaning table and chair is to assist your child in weaning themselves. It not only aids in the growth of your child, but aids in the development of independent movement.
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Value of Play and Open-Ended Materials

Montessori tends to have an unfortunate reputation of either being this extremely strict, work only oriented philosophy or this extremely loosy-goosey pedagogy where we let children just “do whatever they want.” It’s important to understand the delicate balance of freedom and control within the Montessori environment. Yes, the children are free to “do whatever they want” in the classroom, as long as they are using the purposefully chosen work available to them, correctly.  Continue reading

To Swing Or Not To Swing?

Harold Kosoff is credited with the invention of the battery-powered baby swing in 1995. I had a hard time finding when they were first created but I remember my mom telling me that I loved them as a baby, and I was born in ’88. Anyway,  the free-standing unit is meant to imitate the rhythmic rocking motion of the womb and you guessed it. It’s one of those materials that is typically thought of as a no-no for Montessori.

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Who Is The Real Dummy: Pacifier 101

Over the past couple of days I have debated back and forth whether or not I would be the absolute worst if I finally caved and gave Charlotte a pacifier. As a Montessori teacher, it’s pretty common knowledge that introducing a pacifier to a baby is a no-no. So you can imagine the flurry of feelings I’m undergoing as I sit here holding a newly purchased pacifier. The only question now is do I fail more as a mother or as a Montessori teacher?

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