Tantrums & Crying It Out

“Could/Should I let my daughter (2 years old) cry it all out to learn to calm by herself and “[tough] up”? Up to now, I’d always come to reassure her but she whines, yells and cries constantly for ridiculous reasons (cannot touch something that its too high and not for her, cannot close something…) and I’m tired. She’s stressing me out too so I’m thinking of just letting her be–what does montessori say? (I homeschool, breastfeed, and cosleep so this is ALL day)” – Lima

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Why Parents Aren’t “Welcome” In The Classroom

The community we form is one founded on love; not just for each other but for the work we do. As the adult goes to work to provide for the family, the child goes to work to provide for themselves. It is for this reason that we cultivate a healthy drop off that consists of the child independently walking through the doors of the establishment and leading the way to their classroom. This is the duty of the child, to independently seek out knowledge.

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